Amitis was founded in 2010 with the aim of providing and distributing the most eye-catching ceramic and tile products and emphasizing a strong presence in the world market. What distinguishes us from many of our competitors in the industry is accompanying customers throughout the purchase process from selection to installation. We have based our identity on earning our customers’ trust; in fact, we are not merely relying on selling products. Our company is always trying to provide the customers with the most beautiful tile, ceramic and porcelain products. Through constant efforts by creative staff and applying the latest technology in the world, Amitis Corporation has presented a unique image of a variety of patterns and designs to its customers worldwide, and to date, it has turned its customers’ dream of experiencing the most luxurious and beautiful outlook of the houses into a reality.

It is quite apparent that for centuries, tiles have always been an eye-catching element of architecture in all human civilizations. From monochrome tiles with simple motifs in ancient times to the most heartsome and beautiful tiles today, all reveal the prominent role this product serve in the beauty of home environment. Nowadays, being aware of the unique role tiles and ceramics play in the elegance of domestic architec- ture, people always try to decorate their home environment in the most creative way possible. This has led many companies in the world to manufacture and distribute tile, ceramic and porcelain products, and to put more effort into presenting the most beautiful and updated products to their customers. With the help of the best ceramic tile designers and using the state-of-the-art technologies to deliver the highest quality products to its customers worldwide, Amitis has also followed the path to success. The company’s products have always been regarded as the most luxurious components of fastidious customers’ houses and have brought about an indescribable effect on their home environment. Wide and varied motifs and the interplay between them and the heartsome colors demonstrate the company experts’ knowledge of the modern lifestyle. The company defines its responsibilities in line with the improvements in an ideal lifestyle, and in the production of new products, it always moves on based on the modern life thinking. In the present set of contents, the latest and the most unique Amitis products will be introduced. The wide and varied selection of patterns and colors aims to suit a wide range of tastes.

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